The Ministry of Finance explained the postponement for IT specialists and journalists

Mincifra explained the postponement for IT employees, telecom operators and the media, employees of a number of IT companies, media and telecom operators who work in their specialty will receive a postponement. Employers will have to submit lists to the General Staff

The Ministry of Finance explained the postponement for IT specialists and journalists

Employees of a number of IT companies, telecom operators and registered media can receive a deferral for a partial mobilization call, the Ministry of Finance reported.

We are talking about employees who have the “appropriate higher education” and work full-time.

Among the companies whose employees can apply for a postponement, the Ministry of Finance named:

  • accredited IT companies involved in the development, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of IT solutions (software, hardware and software complexes) or involved in ensuring the operation of the information infrastructure;
  • telecom operators, involved in ensuring the stability, safety and integrity of the functioning of individual communication facilities, communication facilities and communication lines of the public communication network, as well as data processing centers;
  • registered media, radio broadcasters, TV broadcasters included in the list of system-forming, involved in the production and distribution of information products.

The fact that employees of certain high-tech sectors of the economy will receive a reprieve was previously reported by the Ministry of Defense. Such employees will be released from conscription on the basis of lists that employers will hand over to the General Staff. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Ministry of Finance, clarified that we are talking about specialists who work in their specialty.

According to the Ministry of Finance, a delay for such employees from partial mobilization will ensure the stable operation of critical information infrastructure facilities, guarantee stable and secure provision of digital services, ensure prompt informing of the population, as well as encourage the emergence of new Russian developments, they are needed for the accelerated replacement of foreign solutions used, including at defense enterprises.

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Partial mobilization in Russia has been announced since September 21. According to the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu, it is planned to call up 300 thousand reservists in total – those who served, have combat experience or a military accounting specialty.

Lawyers interviewed by RBC earlier noted that the benefits for IT specialists adopted in the spring would not free them from partial mobilization. According to the lawyer of AB Lebedev-Romanov and partners Timur Hardy, the benefits provided to IT workers assumed a postponement from conscription for military service, and not from general mobilization. «Duringgeneral mobilization of IT specialists, like any other men fit for health and age, are subject to conscription. But now a partial mobilization has been announced. It will affect people of certain military specialties who have military service experience. If there are any among some of the IT specialists, they can be mobilized from the reserve,” Hardy said.

Lawyer of the law firm Five Stones Consulting Alexander Kizilov also pointed out that initially, in the special law on mobilization, IT specialists were not listed in the list of categories of citizens who are granted a deferral, and in the March presidential decree establishing a deferral from conscription for IT specialists, it was not specified whether it extended to conscription specifically for mobilization. “Considering that the mobilization is being announced for the first time in a long time, it is difficult to say how the military enlistment offices will act in such a situation,” said Kizilov.

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