The LPR announced the liquidation of a group of foreign mercenaries in the area of the Golden

The LNR announced the liquidation of a group of foreign mercenaries in the area of the Golden

View of the Golden

The forces of the LPR, surrounded by the Ukrainian military in the area of the cities of Gorskoye and Zolotoye, liquidated a group of foreign mercenaries, Lieutenant colonel of the People’s Militia of the Republic Andrei Marochko said on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“A group of foreign mercenaries was liquidated in this area of the area when surrounded, very valuable trophies of foreign production were taken, well, a number of very valuable intelligence information was also obtained,” he said.

According to Marochko, the Ukrainian group in the area of these settlements has been “taken into full encirclement”. He suggested that in the near future, the Ukrainian military in the area of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, which are located about 40 km north of Zolotoye and Gorsky, will also be surrounded.

On June 7, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 97% of the region’s territory is under the control of the LPR, excluding part of Severodonetsk, namely the industrial zone of the Azot plant and the nearest settlements.

On June 19, the Ministry of Defense announced the capture of the village of Metelkino in the suburbs of Severodonetsk. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, pointed out that Kamyshevakha was taken on June 14, Toshkovka on June 20, both settlements are located next to Zolotoy and Gorsky.

On June 22, Kadyrov said that Zolotoye and Gorskoye were completely encircled by the Lugansk militia, the Ministry of Defense and the National Guard, Akhmat, and Lisichansk would soon be surrounded. The head of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik previously indicated that the LPR units entered the territory of “Nitrogen” in Severodonetsk.

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