Pashinyan at talks with Putin argued with Aliyev about unresolved issues

Pashinyan disagreed with Aliyev, who stated that almost all the points of the Karabakh agreement of November 2020 have been fulfilled, except for unblocking communications. The issue of the detained persons remained unresolved, the Armenian Prime Minister noted

Pashinyan at talks with Putin argued with Aliyev about unresolved issues


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not support the point of view of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the status of implementation of the points of the trilateral ceasefire agreement on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Moscow, Baku and Yerevan signed it in November 2020.

At a meeting with Pashinyan and President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Aliyev said that almost all the points of the statement were met, the issue of transport communications remained unresolved: “The topic of unblocking communications is one of the important ones that have not been fulfilled.”

Pashinyan replied that he did not agree with Aliyev’s wording. “You know, and we have repeatedly discussed this with you, that there is a problem of hostages and other detained persons. This is a very important humanitarian issue,” he said, addressing Putin.

“But today we have gathered not only to voice the problems, but to talk and discuss the issues of solving the problems that exist,” Pashinyan stressed. According to the Armenian Prime Minister, the sides have come to concrete solutions to stabilize the situation in the region.

Aliyev said that Azerbaijan is ready to begin the delimitation of the border with Armenia. “We also publicly offered the Armenian side to start working on a peace treaty to put an end to the confrontation, to recognize each other’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and to live in the future as neighbors and learn to live again as neighbors,” he added.

The initiator of the trilateral meeting of the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan was the Russian side, the Kremlin’s press service reported earlier. The agenda of the meeting includes discussion of the implementation of the agreements of November 9 last year and January 11 this year, as well as further steps to strengthen stability in the region.

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh escalated in the fall of 2020 and quickly escalated into hostilities. Both sides suffered losses in manpower and equipment, civilian buildings were destroyed. In November, an agreement was concluded with the mediation of Russia, according to which the fire ceased on the 10th of that month.Armenia was supposed to return part of the territories to Azerbaijan, keeping the Lachin corridor for communication with Nagorno-Karabakh. Russia has brought peacekeepers into the region. Baku and Yerevan have agreed on the principle of “all for all” when exchanging prisoners in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. The exchange of detained persons began in December 2020.

Despite the agreement, there have been repeated clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan. On November 16, fighting with the use of armored vehicles and artillery took place on the border of the Syunik region of Armenia and the Kelbajar region of Azerbaijan. This is the most serious incident between the two countries over the past year: both sides suffered losses, several Armenians were captured.

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