The MHD decided to change the address of the US Embassy to the Defenders of Donbass Square

Ddeputies of the Metropolitan Duma proposed to name the place at the American embassy in Moscow the Defenders of Donbass Square and change the address of the US diplomatic mission

The MHD decided to change the address of the US Embassy to the Defenders of Donbass Square

The deputies of the Moscow City Duma from “United Russia”, “Fair Russia”, the Communist Party and the deputy association “My Moscow” proposed to name the territory near the US Embassy in the capital “the square of Defenders of Donbass”. We are talking about an unnamed place at the intersection of Bolshoy Devyatinsky Lane and Konyushkovskaya Street.

According to the head of the United Russia party faction in the Moscow City Duma, chairman of the MHD Commission on Urban Economy and Housing Policy Stepan Orlov, parliamentarians also propose to change the address of the US diplomatic mission from Bolshoy Devyatinsky Lane, 8, to Defenders of Donbass Square. According to the authors of the initiative, if the proposal is approved, “American diplomats will receive a much more easily remembered topographic landmark.”

According to Orlov, residents of Moscow and city public associations have repeatedly appealed to the deputies of the Moscow City Duma with requests to perpetuate on the map of the capital the memory of the heroism and military valor of the defenders of Donbass.

The head of the Communist Party faction in the Moscow City Duma, Nikolai Zubrilin, said that the authors of the initiative “took a constructive path”: they proposed not to change the Soviet names, but “to give the new square a worthy name”.

The proposal was handed over to the Moscow City Hall.

The issues of naming and renaming territorial units of Moscow are dealt with by the City Interdepartmental Commission on Naming Territorial Units, streets, metro stations, organizations and other objects; its activities are coordinated by the Metropolitan Department of Cultural Heritage.

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In February 2018, a section of Wisconsin Avenue in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington was named after Boris Nemtsov. The politician was killed in 2015 in the center of Moscow by four shots in the back. In 2020, on the fifth anniversary of the murder, Boris Nemtsov’s name was given to the Chestnut Tree Square, where the Russian embassy is located in Prague.

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