In Moscow, they will give private owners a system for monitoring the self-isolation of patients

Aboutthe mayor’s office decided to outsource the maintenance of the system that tracks the geolocation of Muscovites infected with coronavirus. Until now, this was handled by the Information Technology Department. The cost of the tender is 15.4 million rubles.

 In Moscow, they will give private owners a system for monitoring the self-isolation of patients

A private company will serve the monitoring system of Muscovites with a confirmed COVID-19 instead of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of the City Hall, Kommersant reports. Since the beginning of the introduction of a strict quarantine in Moscow in the spring of 2020, the “Social Monitoring” system has been used to monitor compliance with self-isolation by infected citizens. It was given the status of a state information system (GIS).

However, now the mayor’s office has announced a tender for technical support and support until the end of 2022 ” GIS of electronic monitoring of a citizen’s location in a certain geolocation in order to monitor compliance with the self-isolation regime». The cost of the tender is 15.4 million rubles, the results of the competition should be summed up on July 27.

The winner of the competition will be responsible for the availability and performance of the system, its modernization and improvement, as well as for troubleshooting and user support. DIT, which currently operates the system on its own, considered that outsourcing the system would improve technical support for users and increase its stability.

At the same time, the department assured that the contractor will not get access to personal data of citizens.

The mobile application “Social Monitoring”was launched in early April 2020, it must be installed by all people who have confirmed a coronavirus infection, but they carry the disease on home self-isolation. The program tracks the geolocation of users and periodically requires them to take photos at home. If the image does not arrive on the server of the Main Control Department of Moscow within an hour, the patient is issued an administrative fine.

The first users of the application complained about frequent failures in the work of “Social Monitoring”, notifications that needed to be answered came at night, in some cases it was impossible to send photos, as a result, unjustified fines appeared, other problems were fixed.

The mayor’s office then said that they were aware of the problems, but refused to disable the application, because “it performs its functions”.

At the end of May 2020, the head of the Main Control Department, Yevgeny Danchikov, reported that users of “Social Monitoring” were issued 54 thousand fines for more than 216 million rubles. According to him, about 30% of the users of the application were issued fines, and some of them received two or three fines.

In June 2021, the situation with the coronavirus worsened in Moscow, the authorities took new restrictive measures and introduced mandatory vaccination of employees in a number of sectors of the economy. At the maximum, more than 9 thousand new COVID cases were recorded in the city per day.

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