Putin said about communicating with the infected COVID-19 for “a whole day”

Pthe resident said that the day before he had” very close ” communication with a person who had fallen ill with coronavirus throughout the day. According to Putin, there are several infected COVID-19 in his entourage

 Putin reported communicating with the infected COVID-19 during the

Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin said that he had been communicating with a person who was infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus infection for a whole day. The head of state said this at a meeting with the government and the leadership of the United Russia party.


“The day before, I communicated with him (with a person who had fallen ill with COVID-19. < em>RBC) all day, very close, throughout the day,” he said.

According to the president, there are several people in his entourage who have fallen ill with the coronavirus. “And one of these employees is a person who works with me in close proximity. He was vaccinated, ” Putin said.

The Head of State clarified that the antibody titers of this person fell. “He was revaccinated, apparently, a little late,” Putin suggested.

On September 13, Putin said that there are problems with the incidence of COVID-19 in his environment. He did not rule out that he would have to go into quarantine. “Even in my environment, problems arise with this COVID. We need to figure out what is really happening there. I think I will have to go to quarantine myself soon. A lot of people are sick around, ” the head of state said during a conversation with the Paralympians in the Kremlin.

Later, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Putin, speaking about the possibility of going into quarantine due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 in his environment, expressed himself figuratively.

On the afternoon of September 14, the Kremlin reported that Putin would have to observe a self-isolation regime due to cases of coronavirus infection in his environment. Peskov said that Putin passed the test after discovering COVID-19 patients in his environment. According to him, the president will not participate in face-to-face events for some time, but self-isolation will not affect the intensity of work online.

As reported in the Kremlin, Putin received the first component of the coronavirus vaccine on March 23, the second on April 14. Peskov then claimed that the president had endured the vaccination well. The press secretary has repeatedly talked about the sanitary security measures that are in effect in the Kremlin. In June last year, he said that because of the threatCOVID-19 disinfection tunnels have been installed in the Kremlin and the presidential residence “Novo-Ogarevo”. The Kremlin also reported on the need to observe quarantine and take tests for coronavirus as a precaution before meeting with Putin.

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