Peskov assessed the statement of Biden and Merkel with the words ” without me, he married me

In the paragraph of the agreement between Berlin and Washington on the extension of gas transit through Ukraine for 10 years does not mention Russia, the press secretary of the president noted and recalled the famous saying as an illustration of this situation

 Peskov evaluated the statement of Biden and Merkel with the words

Angela Merkel and Joe Biden

The Russian leadership has carefully studied the statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden about the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, Interfax reports.

There are provisions in it that the Kremlin cannot agree with, he noted.

“We have studied the text of this joint statement very carefully. There is certainly something in the text that we cannot agree with, and something that we are ready to welcome, ” the Kremlin representative said.

Peskov noted that Berlin and Washington agreed to promote the extension of the agreement on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine for 10 years.

“Of course, there is still no mention of the Russian Federation here. After all, this agreement can be extended between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, so this effect is slightly & mdash; I do not know how to translate it into other languages, but in Russian it is & mdash; without me, I was married, & mdash; he said.

The press secretary of the president recalled that Moscow has repeatedly said that it is ready to discuss the extension of the gas transit agreement through Ukraine after 2024.

“This is a question, exclusively a question of economic feasibility and profitability. In this regard, of course, we would like and prefer to see also in this joint statement and passes to Ukraine that Ukraine should take a responsible position in terms of ensuring economically feasible conditions for the continuation of such transit. Unfortunately, we do not see such a message for Ukraine, ” he said.

The day before, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland announced to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations the details of the agreement reached during the negotiations between Biden and Merkel.

From her words it followed that:

  • Germany will be obliged to seek an extension of the contract for the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine for another ten years after 2024.
  • Germany will seek sanctions against Russia if Moscow starts using energy resources to put pressure on other countries.
  • Germany and the United States together will help Ukraine with the diversification of energy sources, Washington and Berlin will allocate financial support to Kiev for this.
  • The United States and Germany will strive to reduce both Ukraine’s economic dependence on the transit of Russian gas, and Ukraine’s dependence on gas supplies to its territory from Russia.

After the talks in Washington, Merkel called Vladimir Putin. “The leaders are satisfied with the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline approaching completion. The Russian President noted the consistent commitment of the German side to the implementation of this project, which is exclusively commercial in nature and aimed at strengthening the energy security of Germany and the European Union, ” the Kremlin’s website comments on this conversation said.

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