Beglov called for “zero tolerance” for the unvaccinated

Tthose who refuse vaccination endanger themselves and their loved ones, and the burden on doctors is also growing, Beglov said. According to him, new restrictions can be avoided in St. Petersburg, for this “it is elementary to get vaccinated”

 Beglov called for

Alexander Beglov

The governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov on the air of the channel ” 78 ” criticized those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the governor, even if an unvaccinated person follows the safety rules in a pandemic, he can get infected from someone who does not, “and then the chain goes”. “You know, we should treat such people with zero tolerance, because it is not only harmful for ourselves, for our loved ones, others, it is also a burden on healthcare,” Beglov believes.

Due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection, the authorities are forced to redesign ordinary hospitals, the governor added. According to him, due to those who neglect the necessary measures, not only the number of cases of COVID-19 is growing, but also other patients cannot receive planned care.

Beglov did not rule out that restrictions may be tightened in St. Petersburg if the epidemiological situation worsens. “But why do this when it is elementary to get vaccinated,” he added.

Over the past day, the city has recorded a record number of deaths from coronavirus per day since the beginning of the pandemic-99 people. The total number of victims of infection there reached 15.6 thousand, confirmed cases of infection-461.7 thousand

On June 21, new restrictions came into force in St. Petersburg due to COVID-19: the operation of water parks and attractions and holding mass events with the participation of more than 500 people are prohibited in the city. At exhibitions, celebrations and other events, where more than 75 people gather, visitors will be allowed only with a negative PCR test for coronavirus. A few days earlier, the authorities bannedthe work of food courts, children’s rooms in restaurants, cafes and shopping centers and limited the work of catering at night. By August 15, 65% of civil servants were required to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

As of June 22, more than 800 thousand people were vaccinated against coronavirus in St. Petersburg, 218 thousand in the Leningrad Region, the press service of the regional government told RBC Petersburg.


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