A signalman of the Pacific Fleet who died in Ukraine was buried in Lipetsk

The Pacific Fleet signalman who died in Ukraine was buried in Lipetsk

Sergey Cherny-Kaminsky

A signalman of the Pacific Fleet, Sergei Cherny-Kaminsky, who died during a special operation in Ukraine, was buried in Lipetsk, the mayor of the city, Yevgenia Uvarkina, said on her VKontakte page.

“Lipetsk said goodbye to Sergei Cherny-Kaminsky, a hero who died the death of the brave in battle with nationalists during a special military operation in Ukraine,” Uvarkina wrote.

Cherny-Kaminsky was born in the Khabarovsk Territory and began his military career in 2009. He served in the communications and Radio engineering support company of the Pacific Fleet as the head of the radio marker station.

For the courage and bravery shown during the special operation, Cherny-Kaminsky was presented with a state award, Uvarkina said.

The funeral of the serviceman took place in Lipetsk, because his parents live there. Cherny-Kaminsky has two sons left.

Russia has been conducting a special military operation in Ukraine since February 24. The Defense Ministry has twice reported Russian losses: March 2 and 25. According to the latest data from the Ministry, 1,351 servicemen were killed during the operation, and another 3,825 were wounded.

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Information about servicemen killed in Ukraine is periodically reported by the authorities of Russian regions.

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