WSJ has transferred $30 billion worth of weapons promised by the United States to Ukraine

WSJ: The United States has pledged to transfer $30 billion worth of missiles, armored vehicles and ammunition to Ukraine over the past year, the Pentagon has pledged to supply artillery, missiles, radar systems, millions of cartridges and other weapons to Ukraine for $30 billion, the WSJ writes. According to Reuters, on March 3, the United States will announce another delivery of $ 400 million

WSJ transferred $30 billion worth of weapons promised by the USA to Ukraine

Patriot launcher installed on M983 HEMTT

Since the beginning of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the United States has allocated more than $30 billion to help the latter in the field of security. The AFU has promised to provide artillery, missiles, small arms, armored vehicles, radar systems, bulletproof vests, millions of rounds of ammunition and much more, writes The Wall Street Journal.

It is still difficult to determine how many units of equipment have already been delivered or promised by the United States, in particular, due to the huge scale of deliveries, the WSJ pointed out. The list of equipment transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine includes 10 thousand anti-aircraft installations and anti-tank complexes, more than 200 helicopters and tanks, as well as over 1.5 million artillery shells and ammunition for them.

The US authorities promised to announce on March 3 a new supply of weapons to Ukraine, which will mainly include shells for weapons systems already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Reuters, we are talking about GMLRS missiles for HIMARS MLRS, shells for Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment totaling $400 million.

The Kremlin insists that Western weapons only prolong the conflict, but do not prevent Moscow from achieving its goals. President Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s victory in Ukraine is inevitable.

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