Vinnik was taken from Greece to the USA

FThe police issued Vinnik to Greece, but after arriving in Athens, he disappeared, the lawyers said. The Russian’s family said that Vinnik was taken on a private plane to Boston, from where he was already taken to San Francisco

Vinnik was taken from Greece to the USA

Alexander Vinnik

Russian Alexander Vinnik was transported from Greece to the United States, his family told RIA Novosti.

Vinnik was taken to Boston on a private plane, and then transferred to a company plane to San Francisco.

“From Boston, Alexander was given a call home. Everything happened and was framed as a kidnapping,” added the family.

On the eve of the Paris court approved the US decision to withdraw the request for Vinnik’s extradition and end the case against him in France. At the same time, the lawyer of the Russian, Frederick Belo, explained that in fact Vinnik would not be released, since he would have to be taken into custody immediately for transfer to Greece, where the United States sent a second extradition request back in 2017. The lawyer considered the decision of the United States to be a deceptive maneuver, suggesting that Greece would quickly send the Russian to San Francisco, whose local court issued the initial arrest warrant.


After arriving in Athens, Vinnik disappeared, said his lawyer Zoya Konstantopoulou. According to her, the police prevented her from going to the department for several hours, and when the lawyer managed to get inside, she was told that they did not know where the Russian was. Konstantopoulou suggested that Vinnik could have been put on a plane and sent to the USA. In this case, “we are talking about one of the most egregious cases of violation of international legality,” she said.

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Vinnik was arrested in Greece in the summer of 2017 at the request of the United States. He was suspected of creating the BTC-e crypto exchange and laundering $4 billion through it. In addition to the United States and France, Russia also sought the extradition of a Russian. In 2018, Vinnik confessed to Russian law enforcement agencies of embezzlement of 750 million rubles.

However, Greece did not extradite Vinnik to either Russia or the United States, but agreed to the request from France. A Paris court sentenced a Russian to five years in prison.

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