The Kursk deputy, criticized for the video from Mexico, resigned

ToThe Ursky deputy resigned the powers of the deputy head of the committee after a “video call” from Mexico, a video with a deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma during a vacation in Mexico appeared in early January. The parliamentarian himself called the criticism “overblown”

The Kursk deputy criticized for the video from Mexico resigned

Maxim Vasiliev

The deputy of the Kursk Regional Duma Maxim Vasiliev, whose video from a vacation in Mexico caused criticism from the governor of the region Roman Starovoit and Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak, resigned as deputy chairman of the committee of the regional parliament on budget, taxes and economic development.

“Today, Deputy Maxim Vasiliev resigned his powers as deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the Kursk Regional Duma on budget, taxes and economic development,” the head of the Kursk region wrote in his telegram channel.

A video with Vasiliev from Mexico, who pours beer into a glass, congratulates everyone on the New Year and wishes “a lot of money and good mood”, appeared at the end of the New Year holidays. He was vacationing with his wife Svetlana, who is also a deputy of the regional Duma.

Starovoit stated that he was outraged by the “video response” of Vasiliev. “We live in a border region, and this puts forward additional requirements for the work and behavior of all authorities, and even more so for people’s deputies,” the governor said.

The appearance of the video from Mexico was called “the height of cynicism and inhumanity” by the Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak. He called for the Vasilevs to resign their parliamentary powers.

The parliamentarian himself, in a conversation with the “Rise”, called the criticism in his address “unfounded and overblown”. The video, according to him, was recorded for loved ones and was not intended for a wide audience. Vasilyev explained the appearance of the video on the Internet by the fact that it got to a representative of Western Ukraine, with whom they were friends before their time, who published it.

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