The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who was responsible for providing the army, resigned from

ZThe deputy head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for logistics has resigned, the reason was media publications about the purchase of food for the Armed Forces at inflated prices. In addition, the deputy Prosecutor General of the country resigned, the publication about whose vacation in Spain had previously appeared on the Network

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who was responsible for providing the army, left with

Vyacheslav Shapovalov

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was responsible for the logistics of the Armed Forces, resigned. This is reported on the website of the Ukrainian military department.

His petition was supported by the head of the Ministry of Defense Alexey Reznikov, the submission was sent to the government.

As noted in the Ukrainian department, Shapovalov decided to quit in order not to jeopardize the stable provision of the Armed Forces after media publications about the purchase of products at inflated prices.

“Vyacheslav Shapovalov’s statement about his dismissal is a worthy act in the traditions of European and democratic politics, demonstrating that the interests of defense are above any positions or departments,” the Defense Ministry said. The ministry added that such a step would preserve the trust of society and international partners.

The fact that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine buys a number of products for the military at two-three times inflated prices, previously reported Journalist Yuri Nikolov referred to the agency’s contract for the purchase of food in 2023 for military units in Poltava, Sumy, Kiev, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Cherkasy regions. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that it regards this publication as a false manipulation, and promised to contact the Security Service of Ukraine. The Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada promised to consider the fact of leakage of contracts that are not subject to disclosure.

In addition, on January 24, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksiy Simonenko resigned, the office of the Prosecutor General said. Earlier, the journalist of “Ukrainian Truth” Mikhail Tkach wrote that he spent ten days in Marbella in Spain, despite martial law.

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Finally, the deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Kirill Tymoshenko, resigned. According to media reports, he may be appointed head of one of the regional administrations, and the head of the Kyiv CAA, Alexey Kuleba, will take Tymoshenko’s place.

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