Students of evening departments will not fall under partial mobilization

Shoigu previously said that the mobilization will cover 300 thousand people, but there is “no question of students.” In the explanations of the Ministry of Defense, it is said that the call will not affect those who undergo primary training in full-time or evening departments

Students of evening departments will not fall under partial mobilization

Those who undergo primary training at Russian universities in full-time or evening departments and are registered in the military at their place of residence will not be attracted to military service as part of partial mobilization. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Citizens of the Russian Federation who are registered for military service at their place of residence, who are undergoing primary training in Russian higher educational institutions in full-time or evening departments, are not involved in military service as part of partial mobilization,” the message says.

President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia on September 21, the corresponding decree has already been signed. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu explained that it would cover 300 thousand people, or about 1% of the total number of reservists. There is no question of mobilizing students, the minister said in a televised address.

According to the explanations of the Ministry of Defense published on September 22, enlisted men and sergeants up to 35 years old, junior officers up to 50 years old and seniors up to 55 years old, as well as citizens with combat experience are subject to mobilization. Priority criteria are military accounting specialties: shooters, tankers, gunners, drivers, mechanics-drivers.

Graduates of military departments at universities can be called up if they have mastered the military training programs of reserve officers, sergeants, foremen, soldiers, sailors and are now in reserve. Men who have not served until the age of 27 do not fall under mobilization, since they are not in reserve. The reserve is enlisted upon reaching the age of 27, even if the person did not serve or did not receive a military ID.

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On September 23, the Ministry of Defense also published a list of specialists who will be released from partial mobilization in order to ensure the work of certain high-tech industries, as well as the financial system of Russia.

They will not be called up as part of partial mobilization:

  • specialists in the field of information technology, “involved in the development, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of solutions in the field of information technology and ensuring the functioning of the information infrastructure”
  • employees of Russian telecom operators and those involved in ensuring the stability, safety and integrity of the functioning of communication facilities, data processing centers, as well as public communication facilities and lines of the Russian Federation;
  • employees of “system-forming organizations in the field of information and communications”;
  • those who work in organizations that “ensure the stability of the national payment system and financial market infrastructure, bank liquidity management, cash circulation”.

The government stressed that the decision to release specialists “will ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of the country’s financial system, as well as high-tech industries important for citizens and the economy”. The Ministry of Finance reported that it clarifies the procedure for companies to issue employee deferrals.

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