Aksenov told about the conversation with Putin “waist – deep in water”

Withmud showers hit the Crimea in the middle of the week. Aksenov told Putin that when he called him with a question about the situation on the peninsula, the head of the republic was in Kerch and talked to the president, standing “waist-deep in water”

 Aksenov told about a conversation with Putin

Sergey Aksenov

The head of the Crimea, Sergey Aksenov, said that during a recent downpour in Kerch, he was standing waist-deep in water when the head of state, Vladimir Putin, called him. This is reported by “RIA Novosti”.

On Saturday, August 14, Putin held a meeting on the elimination of the consequences of floods and wildfires in Russia via videoconference. During the meeting, the president asked if Aksenov himself was in Kerch, which was affected by heavy rains and flooding. “Of course. When you called me, I was up to my waist in water, when I reported to you, I was standing just at the [intersection of streets] of Chernyshevsky & mdash; Zhenya Dudnik—, & mdash; said the head of the region.

Aksenov reported to the president that more than 100 houses and 200 adjacent territories were flooded in several regions of the Crimea as a result of several days of heavy rains. “To date, nine people have been placed in temporary accommodation, four of them are children,” he added.


Heavy rains hit the Crimea, including Kerch, on the night of August 11. In the city, two monthly precipitation norms fell in less than a day. Rivers overflowed their banks, flooded the territory of the city stadium, the market and the fish cannery. Several streets were blocked in the city center, electric transport did not go. Several residents from flooded private houses were evacuated.

Aksenov said that the authorities are taking all measures to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, there are no critical problems. “I hope that there will be no repetition of the events of June—July, but we are ready for any options. Additional forces and means have been attracted, there are enough equipment and people. I am sure we will cope with all possible problems, ” he said.

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Russian military personnel were killed in a plane crash in Turkey

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that five Russian soldiers were killed when the Be-200, which was extinguishing forest fires in Turkey, fell

Russian military personnel were killed in a plane crash in Turkey


As a result of the crash of the Be-200 aircraft in Turkey, five Russian servicemen and three Turkish soldiers were killed, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

“Those on board the Russian Be-200 plane that crashed in the Republic of Turkey, five crew members from among the Russian military personnel and three citizens of the Republic of Turkey who indicated the sources of fire, were killed,” the ministry said in a message received by RBC.

The plane was landing after extinguishing the fires in Turkey. To find out the causes of the crash, a commission of the Ministry of Defense went to the place.

The Be-200 plane crashed in the Turkish province of Kahramanmarash on the afternoon of August 14. He took part in extinguishing a fire that arose in a forest area after a lightning strike. According to the Hurriyet newspaper, the plane crashed into a mountain. The Turkish Forestry Department reported that the aircraft was leased from Russia to extinguish fires that occurred in the south of the country last month.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the dispatch of the Be-200 aircraft from the naval aviation of the Navy to Turkey to help extinguish forest fires in early July. Then he said that the corresponding instruction was given by President Vladimir Putin.

An informed source of Interfax reported that this aircraft served in the Navy for about a year. “The board was handed over in the summer of 2020,” he said. According to the agency, the crashed aircraft was carrying the 20th tail number and was named in honor of the Soviet civilian pilot Alexander Mamkin.

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Putin called the scale of natural disasters “absolutely unprecedented”

According to the president, against the background of natural disasters, the main task is to preserve the lives and health of people, as well as their property. Putin emphasized that all children from the affected regions should go to school from September 1

 Putin called

The natural disasters that have occurred in some Russian regions are unprecedented. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a videoconference meeting, the topic of which was the elimination of floods and forest fires.

“The scale and nature of natural disasters in some areas is absolutely unprecedented. For example, in the south, sometimes a monthly precipitation rate falls now in a few hours, and in Siberia, on the contrary, in the Far East, natural, climatic, atmospheric conditions developed like this, forest fires in conditions of drought, wind gusts spread rapidly, he said.


During the meeting, Putin paid special attention to the situation with fires in Yakutia and with floods in the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea. “As I was informed, there is no threat to residential and socially significant objects in Yakutia at the moment, but 13 forest fires are located in a five-kilometer zone from settlements,” Putin said.

Speaking about the situation with floods in the south of the country, the head of state noted that the Crimea and Kuban were the most affected. According to him, all urgent measures should be taken by federal departments, regional and municipal authorities. “We need to act quickly and as efficiently as possible,” Putin stressed.

As the President noted, the main task is to preserve the lives and health of people, as well as their property. “If necessary, it is necessary to prepare all means to immediately send children, the elderly, women, especially pregnant women to safe places,” he noted.

Putin stressed that in the fight against natural disasters, it is necessary to use and analyze the experience gained over the past years and over the past weeks. “As well as in order to debug all aspects related to the provision of material, medical, and social assistance to the victims,” Putin said.

The President said it was necessary to adopt plans for the restoration of residential buildings and premises, socially significant objects damaged due to fires and floods. On the eve of the start of the school year, the Head of State emphasized that all children from the affected areas should go to school in a timely manner, and socially important institutions should be repaired as quickly as possible.

This year, large forest fires occurred in Karelia and in several regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts. In the south of the country, on the contrary, floods were observed due to heavy precipitation. In the last few weeks, large-scale wildfires have occurred in Yakutia, floods in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

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The Belarusian corridor has ceased to be attractive for migrants to the EU

Towhy there was a refugee crisis on the border with Lithuania and why it ended so quickly In a matter of days after Lithuania began to expel migrants back to Belarus, the flow of illegal immigrants across the border almost dried up. The migration crisis, with which Minsk frightened Europe, ended as quickly as it began

 The Belarusian corridor has ceased to be attractive for migrants to the EU

Lithuanian u-turn

On August 13, Lithuanian border guards announced that they had deployed only about two dozen migrants who tried to cross the border illegally to Belarus,and for humanitarian reasons allowed two to stay. Thus, in ten days Vilnius has achieved a significant change in the situation on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border.

Since August 3, Lithuania has started forcibly returning illegal migrants detained at the border to Belarus. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in response ordered to close “every meter” of the border. As a result, the number of border violations immediately decreased significantly-from more than 200 per day to almost isolated cases.

One of the main flows of refugees went through Grodno & mdash; from this city it is close to both the Polish and Lithuanian borders. On August 11–12, the RBC correspondent did not see any migrants in the city (mostly, as reported, they were immigrants from Iraq and Afghanistan). An employee of one of the hotels in the city center told RBC that a week ago 19 Iraqis tried to check into the hotel at once, but in the last three days she had not seen a single Arab in the city.

On the square near the Grodno railway station, several taxi drivers said that usually refugees asked to take them to the agro-town of Gozha, a few kilometers from the border crossing Privalka, or to another agro-town of Porechye, also near the Lithuanian border. At the entrance to Porechye, the RBC correspondent found a border patrol that checked the passports of all those entering and asked the purpose of the trip. According to the patrolmen, there are no more refugees in this town. The correspondent of RBC did not find them either.

The cancellation of flights from Iraq to Belarus also obviously affected the situation. Iraqi Airways announced their suspension on August 4. And after that, she began the evacuation of Iraqis from Belarus. (At the same time, European diplomats were the first to announce the impending suspension of flights.) The first export flight was organized on August 9 by the Fly boardBaghdad 80 people went to their homeland. On August 10, the last export flight for Iraqi refugees took off from Minsk to Baghdad. The Boeing 777 Iraqi Airways arrived in the Belarusian capital empty, and left full, a representative of the Iraqi embassy in Belarus, who accompanied compatriots at the airport, told RBC.

The interlocutor of RBC in the Belarusian State Border Committee (CPC) admitted that after the Lithuanians strengthened border security, and Iraq curtailed additional flights to Belarus, there were noticeably fewer refugees.

However, the flow of illegal immigrants to the EU countries from Belarus has not completely dried up yet & mdash; those who were not taken out went to neighboring Latvia and Poland.

On Wednesday and Thursday morning (August 11–12), Latvia announced the prevention of attempts by 91 people to illegally cross into the country from the territory of Belarus (a total of 355 people have been detained on the Latvian border since the beginning of the year). At the same time, the day before, Riga declared a state of emergency in the territories bordering Belarus.

349 people were detained at the Polish border last weekend. (In 2021, a total of 871 illegal immigrants were detained, and for the whole of last year-122.) On Wednesday, the press secretary of the Polish government, Piotr Muller, announced that Poland will strengthen the protection of the border with Belarus.


Minsk blackmail

An explosive increase in violations at the border occurred immediately after at the end of June, Lukashenko announced that he would no longer “defend Europe”, which was carrying out “hybrid” aggression (the EU had previously announced the introduction of sectoral sanctions and the ban on Belavia flights to Europe). After that, the Belarusian corridor for Arab migrants turned green: if in March 2021eight refugees illegally crossed the border, 77 in May, 473 in June, and 2366 in July. In total, in 2021, the number of people who illegally crossed the Lithuanian border from Belarus, according to the Lithuanian authorities, exceeded 4 thousand-mostly refugees from Iraq (more than 2.8 thousand). At the same time, for the whole of 2020, only 79 people illegally moved to Lithuania, and these were mainly Belarusian citizens.

Minsk denies that the migration crisis on the Lithuanian border was deliberately provoked in response to the actions of the EU. Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee Roman Lebedev told RBC that Belarus not only does not help migrants to cross the border with Lithuania, but also does not close its eyes to their passage through its checkpoints: “If we see a group, we always detain”. But, he immediately adds, because of the strained relations with its neighbors, Belarus was forced to strengthen some areas, weakening others. Medvedev also claims that not all Iraqis who come to Belarus are necessarily refugees, many came as tourists.

In the last month or two, about 600 people a week have been arriving in the country, but “most of them are flying back,” Medvedev said. This is obviously facilitated by the fact that a simplified version of the Belarusian visa is available for Iraqi citizens— it can be obtained directly at the Minsk airport.

“We just focused on the areas that are important to us,” another interlocutor in the CPC cautiously explains to RBC (by important, we mean those from which there may be infiltrations into Belarus, and not from the country.& mdash; RBCAccording to him, refugees do not cross the border in large groups. They stretch out and try to cross it one by one. “And we have, for example, 30 alarms [alarms]and two UAZs [for going to the place of violation] on the site. We just physically can’t catch them all, ” he says, however, without expressing any particular regret about this.& mdash; If they are gone— well, that’s fine».

An Iraqi named Rakib, who was going to fly to Baghdad on an export flight on August 10, confirmed to RBC in bad English that the Belarusian border guards did not interfere with crossing the border, but on the other side they were met by Lithuanian border guards with dogs. They fired into the air and forced me to turn back. Rakib tried to cross the border several times. He showed a video taken at the entrances to the border,— on the side of the road, a dozen taxi cars can be seen bringing such refugees.

Most of those who came from Iraq do not speak English, they have to be explained to them through a Google translator. “We couldn’t get to Europe. They closed the borders and beat [us], took the money and the mobile phone. There have been many wars in our country, there is no freedom, ” Mustafa, a young Iraqi, told RBC through an interpreter. He tried to move to Lithuania and Poland with his family— unsuccessfully. When asked why they stopped trying to break through the border, Mustafa replied: “If we come back again, they will kill us.” He was also going to fly back to Iraq on August 10.

The refugees say that they learned about the Belarusian route from Arabic-speaking groups in social networks, in particular on Facebook. As a rule, they did not buy tickets, but so-called tours from Iraqi travel companies.The package includes a plane ticket, assistance with obtaining a Belarusian visa, instructions for crossing the border, sometimes a night or several in a Belarusian hotel.

Press tour in Belarusian

On August 11, Minsk made an attempt to show foreign media that the country’s authorities do not help migrants to travel to the border. The CPC invited the journalists of Sky News, CNN, The New York Times and RBC, who remained in the country after Lukashenka’s big press conference on August 9, to discuss where it makes sense to organize a press tour so that the correspondents themselves could assess the situation with refugees at the border. Roman Lebedev, deputy head of the GPC department Alexey Sytenkov and several employees of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry were waiting for journalists at a round table under the portrait of Lukashenka in the building of the GPC.

First of all, the border guards showed several videos with wounded Iraqis found on the border strip, & mdash; these were illustrations of the fact that Lithuania grossly violates human rights. Vilnius ignores those who are “fleeing from the war,” Medvedev said, but at the same time declares its readiness to accept Belarusians fleeing from political repression. “This is an example of double standards,” concluded the deputy chairman of the CPC.

The journalists suggested going to the border as soon as possible. Medvedev agreed, but insisted on first stopping by the Voronovsky hospital to look at the refugee, whom the Lithuanian border guards, according to him, broke his legs, especially since it was on the way. At the exit from the building, the journalists were photographed on the phone by someone who introduced himself to the RBC correspondent as an employee of the press service of the CPC. A few minutes later, this photo appeared in one of the pro-government Belarusian telegram channels.

On the second floor of the Voronovskaya Hospital, a refugee with “broken” legs came to the journalists on his own in a hall equipped for a press center. He gave his name as Hussein and told through an interpreter that he had managed to cross the border with Lithuania in a group of several people. He walked halfway to Kaunas, turned himself in to the police to get refugee status, but he was beaten and sent back. At the end, Hussein stood up and showed his wounded ankles in the green.

Then the press secretary of the CPC Anton Bychkovsky took the floor. He said that ” information about the arrival of journalists at the border was leaked to the Internet, and therefore the Lithuanian border guards retreated deep into their territory and stopped expelling migrants. Therefore, there is nothing to do at the border now, he concluded, there are no illegal immigrants on the strip. And he offered to talk to another wounded man in the Voronovsky hospital.

When asked by RBC how the information was leaked to the Internet, Bychkovsky replied that the journalists at the CPC were photographed by a “user of social networks”. To the remark of RBC that the author of the photo introduced himself as an employee of the press service of the department, Bychkovsky said that this could not be. Sytenkov suggested not to argue & mdash; why the Lithuanians left, it does not matter, it is important that they are not at the border.

As a result, representatives of the CPC still took the journalists to the border-to a well-equipped, exemplary site with a fence, an alert system, barbed wire and cameras. Of course, there were no migrants or victims of the atrocities of the Lithuanian border service there-only solid evidence that Belarus perfectly guards its border.

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The US Embassy in Kabul decided to destroy secret documents

Nand against the background of the militant offensive, the United States will reduce the number of embassy staff in Afghanistan. Employees of the diplomatic mission were instructed to destroy objects that depict the US flag or logos of American departments, and secret documents

The US Embassy in Kabul decided to destroy secret documents

Employees of the US Embassy in Kabul have been ordered to destroy secret papers due to fears that the Afghan capital will soon be captured by militants. This was reported by CNN and Bloomberg with reference to the order that the management sent to the employees of the diplomatic mission.

The embassy staff was asked to destroy confidential materials, as well as items that could be misused for propaganda purposes. This includes items that depict the US flag, the logo of the embassy or other American departments.

According to a CNN diplomatic source, the intelligence service admitted that the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia) could isolate Kabul within a week or the next three days. However, these data do not indicate that the militants will enter the capital, the interlocutor of the TV channel added.


A representative of the State Department, in an interview with The Hill, called the destruction of documents at the embassy a standard operating procedure when reducing the number of employees.

The day before, the Taliban captured the provincial capital 50 km from Kabul-the city of Puli Alam. The Afghan authorities also confirmed that the terrorists occupied the second largest city of Afghanistan, Kandahar.

Against the background of the strengthening of the positions of the Taliban, the countries began to close embassies and consulates in Afghanistan. Norway and Denmark will also close their embassies, and Germany will reduce the number of staff of the diplomatic mission to an “absolute minimum”.

In turn, the United States will also reduce the number of embassy employees. The safety of workers during their evacuation will be ensured by additional US Army forces that will be transferred to Kabul. According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, 3 thousand American military personnel are expected to arrive in Afghanistan by the end of the weekend.

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Canada will accept 20 thousand refugees from Afghanistan due to the threat of the Taliban

Toanada is ready to accept 20 thousand Afghans fleeing from the Taliban: those who worked for the Canadian government, as well as religious and sexual minorities, journalists and human rights defenders. The first flight with refugees landed on August 4

Canada will accept 20 thousand refugees from Afghanistan due to the threat of the Taliban

Canada will accept 20 thousand Afghans who are threatened by the terrorist group “Taliban” banned in Russia, according to a government statement.

“Our teams there, here and around the world are working around the clock to get as many people as possible to a safe place,” the message says.

The government notes that we are talking primarily about citizens who have contributed to the activities of the Canadian authorities in Afghanistan, as well as about vulnerable groups: women activists, human rights defenders, journalists, religious minorities, representatives of the LGBT community and family members of translators who have previously emigrated.

In addition, the Associated Press agency, citing a source, reported that Canada intends to send special forces to Afghanistan to evacuate employees of the embassy in Kabul.


In April, US President Joe Biden announced the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. In early July, the Pentagon announced that 90% of the military contingent had been withdrawn.

At the same time, Canada announced the completion of its military mission in Afghanistan back in March 2014. Ambassador Deborah Lyons, who headed the Canadian diplomatic mission at the time, said that during the presence of troops, the country lost 158 soldiers, two civilian employees, one diplomat and one journalist.

After Biden’s statement about the withdrawal of the American army, the Taliban became more active in Afghanistan. At the beginning of July, they announced that they had gained control over 85% of the country’s territory, and at the end of the month, they announced control over 90% of the state border.

Due to the outbreak of hostilities, civilians began to leave the country en masse, asking for asylum in neighboring countries with Afghanistan and in Europe. Earlier, on August 2, the US State Department announced the expansion of the refugee admission program due to the “increased level of violence” by the Taliban.

On August 4, the first flight with refugees from Afghanistan arrived in Canada. Local TV channel CTV News reported the arrival of more than three dozen people on board a military plane. The Government of Canada then said that the refugees would be helped to find permanent housing, learn the language and conduct consultations related to questions about life in the country.

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Biden discussed the evacuation of American civilians from Afghanistan

Earlier, the US Embassy in Afghanistan asked Americans to leave the country on commercial flights

 Biden discussed the evacuation of American civilians from Afghanistan

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden discussed with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, head of the country’s Defense Ministry Lloyd Austin and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan the evacuation of US civilians from Afghanistan. This is reported by the White House.

“Today, President Biden spoke with Secretary Blinken, Secretary Austin and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about the ongoing efforts to safely reduce the civilian presence in Afghanistan,” the report says.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Afghanistan asked American citizens who are staying in the country to leave it using commercial flights. “If you can’t afford to buy a ticket now, contact the US Embassy,” the message noted.


The Pentagon announced the transfer of additional forces to Kabul to protect the employees of the American embassy. Three American infantry battalions consisting of 3 thousand people will arrive in Afghanistan.

According to the latest data from Al Jazeera, most of the north, west and south of the country is now under the control of the Taliban militants. Government forces hold only three of the largest cities: in the north it is the capital of the republic of Kabul and the capital of Balkh Mazar-I-Sharif, in the east-Jalalabad.

The Afghan authorities have previously admitted that the Taliban captured the second largest city of the country, Kandahar. By Friday, the militants managed to seize the provincial capital 50 km from Kabul (the city of Puli Alam).

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In Afghanistan, national movements will oppose the Taliban

DIn February, the largest parties in Afghanistan agreed on an alliance to protect the north of the country. In the north, there are two cities out of the last three main points under the control of the government, including Kabul

 National movements will oppose the Taliban in Afghanistan

In the north of Afghanistan, against the background of the rapid offensive of the Taliban movement banned in Russia, new popular resistance forces have been formed. This is reported by Al Jazeera.

The two largest parties of the country have agreed on a military alliance: the “Islamic Society” (“Jamiyati Islami”, unites mainly the Tajik and Farsi-speaking population of Afghanistan, the FSB list of terrorist organizations banned in Russia includes “Jamaat-i-Islami”) and the “National Islamic Movement” (NIDA, unites the Turkic-speaking population of the country).

The leader of the NIDA, Marshal Abdul-Rashida Dostum, and the leader of the “Islamic Society” Atta Muhammad Nur promised to protect Balkh province and the rest of northern Afghanistan from the Taliban. Dostum noted the special importance of Balkh, calling this region the “northern gate” of the country.


First Vice-President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh, in turn, said that the necessary conditions for an armed repulse of the Taliban by the population will be created in all provinces.

According to Al Jazeera, most of the north, west and south of the country is now under the control of the Taliban militants. Government forces hold only three of the largest cities: in the north-the capital of the republic of Kabul and the capital of Balkh Mazar-I-Sharif, in the east-Jalalabad.

On Friday, the militants managed to seize the city of Puli Alam, which is only 50 km away from Kabul. The Afghan authorities also admitted that the Taliban captured the second largest city of Afghanistan-Kandahar.

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The US accused Russia, China and Iran of misinformation about the origin of COVID

Paccording to the American side, the media associated with the authorities of these countries supported conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and vaccines against it. Russia has repeatedly denied such accusations

 The US accused Russia, China and Iran of misinformation about the origin of COVID

The media associated with the authorities of Russia, China and Iran spread misinformation about the coronavirus, in particular, they heated up conspiracy theories related to the pandemic. This is stated in the document of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), dedicated to the assessment of threats to the country in the terrorist sphere.

According to the ministry, the opponents of the United States have intensified attempts to “sow discord” in society. “For example, the Russian, Chinese and Iranian media associated with the government have repeatedly reinforced conspiracy theories about the origin of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of vaccines,” the report says.

In response to disinformation, the Ministry tries to provide authoritative sources of information and expose fakes.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs indicated that until the end of the year, aggressive extremists who oppose the authorities and incite violence on various occasions will remain a priority national threat to the United States. As the agency explained, they can use the pandemic for their own purposes. For example, to provoke public discontent because of the restrictions imposed to combat infection. The stress factors associated with COVID-19, the statement says, generally contribute to increasing tension in society.

Earlier, the United States has already announced attempts by Russia and China to spread false information related to the coronavirus. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the Russian side is promoting conspiracy theories that the United States is behind the creation of the virus, according to the Guardian, citing American officials, in February 2020. In particular, that the virus is a biological weapon developed by the CIA. In July, the State Department also indicated that Russia and China are spreading misinformation about Western coronavirus vaccines through social networks.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied accusations of politicization of the pandemic and disinformation on the part of Russia. “We have repeatedly said that we ourselves are categorically against the politicization of everything related to the vaccine. We strongly disagree with this wording. We believe that, on the contrary, the process of promoting our vaccines often faces a politicized approach, ” said Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president.

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