Bloomberg learned about the termination of Poland’s “political relations” with Hungary

PThe reason was the countries’ differences regarding Ukraine, as well as Hungary’s loyal position towards Moscow. In the past, Poland and Hungary supported each other in conflict situations with Brussels

Bloomberg learned about the termination of Poland's

Viktor Orban

Poland, which in the past supported Hungary in its confrontation with the EU, recently terminated “political relations” with Budapest, Bloomberg reports, citing sources. The reason, according to them, was Hungary’s refusal to completely sever relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The results are tangible. When in April [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orban won and was elected for a fifth term, the prime minister did not receive a word of congratulations from Poland. Last week, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto went to Warsaw for a donor conference, but government officials avoided him, Bloomberg writes.

As high-ranking officials told the agency, due to Orban’s position on Russia, some EU members stopped sharing information about the meetings of the European Council with Hungary.

Bloomberg recalls that Hungary and Poland relied on each other when the EU raised the issue of punishing member states through the application of Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. It sets conditions for the suspension of the voting rights of any of the EU members, one of them is the consent of all the member states of the union.

According to the agency’s sources, there are no signs yet that Poland will stop supporting Hungary within the framework of the application of Article 7, but the cooling in relations may complicate the country’s situation.

Poland strongly criticizes Russian actions in Ukraine, it provides military assistance to Kiev and accepts refugees from there. Hungary, on the contrary, refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, and also banned its transit through its territory. Budapest also refused to support European sanctions against Russian energy carriers, including a ban on gas supplies from Russia.

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In early April, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that Warsaw could not cooperate with Budapest until the position of the authorities on Ukraine changed.

In the past, Poland and Hungary have repeatedly acted together within the framework of processes within the European Union. In 2020, they blocked the adoption of the EU budget for seven years, as they were dissatisfied with the mechanism that allows freezing the allocation of funding to countries that do not comply with the rule of law (such accusations were made against Hungary and Poland, the mechanism could be used against them).

The countries filed lawsuits with the Court of the European Union, but it rejected them.

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