Belgorod authorities explained the appearance of Zelensky ‘s appeal in

BThe Yelgorodian authorities explained the appearance of Zelensky’s appeal on TV by replacing the signal, the appeal of the Ukrainian president on the air in the Belgorod region appeared in connection with the “unauthorized replacement of the TV signal,” the regional government reported. The same thing happened in Crimea

Belgorod authorities explained the appearance of Zelensky's appeal in

Vladimir Zelensky

In the Belgorod region, there was an “unauthorized replacement of the TV signal”, because of which an appeal by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky appeared on the air, the government of the Belgorod region told RBC.

“Today, on January 25, there was an unauthorized replacement of a TV signal from a satellite with the territory of the Moscow time zone broadcasting, the actions of the operational duty officers switched to receiving a signal from a backup satellite, and the broadcast of the TV signal went on as normal. The reasons are being established,” the press service reported.

The broadcast of Zelensky’s appeal on federal channels in the region was previously reported by the telegram channel “Rise”. With reference to the residents of the region, he indicates that the broadcast was “on all channels”. Local portal he writes that this happened at about 16:20, after Zelensky’s appeal, the TV signal disappeared.

According to the adviser to the head of the Crimea Oleg Kryuchkov, a similar incident occurred in the region. Zelensky’s appeal appeared on the air of some channels in the region.

“As such, there was no Zelensky broadcast on the channels. I’ll explain the situation. Broadcasting in the Crimea is reliably protected, and everything broadcasts in the usual mode according to the program grids. And internet broadcasting of TV channels through the app. Even at the beginning of the special operation, the program codes of these applications were transferred to the Ukrainian special services. And not all TV channels and not all cable operators that take the broadcast from the Internet have already switched to secure software,” Oleg Kryuchkov, adviser to the head of Crimea, told RBC.

He added that because of this, such incidents periodically arise, and promised that Internet broadcasting will soon be reliably protected.

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