Xi Jinping refused Biden a personal meeting

US President Joe Biden invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet in person, but he declined the offer, the Financial Times newspaper reports, citing sources familiar with the contents of the telephone conversation between the two leaders.

The proposal for a meeting came from Biden during an hour-and-a-half telephone conversation with Xi Jinping, which took place last week.

According to the publication, the American leader expected to make an attempt to “break the deadlock” in relations between the United States and China. However, according to sources, the Chinese president, instead of accepting the offer, insists that Washington change its tone towards Beijing.

Biden took a tough stance against China because of the oppression of Uighurs and Beijing’s policy towards Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Financial Times notes. In response, Beijing accused the US presidential administration of interfering in the internal affairs of the state.

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 Xi Jinping refused Biden a personal meeting

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