Ukraine appealed to the authorities of Cape Verde because of Ambassador Poklonskaya

NAnd Natalia Poklonskaya, the new Russian ambassador to Cape Verde and a former prosecutor of the Crimea, is involved in several criminal cases. “It will not be possible to hide even in Africa,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in connection with her new appointment

Ukraine appealed to the authorities of Cape Verde because of Ambassador Poklonskaya

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine appealed to the authorities of the African state of Cape Verde and “raised the issue of criminal activity” of the new Russian ambassador to this country Natalia Poklonskaya, writes “RBC Ukraine” with reference to the representative of the department Oleg Nikolenko.

In Ukraine, several criminal cases have been opened against Poklonskaya related to the events of 2014 and the entry of Crimea into Russia.

“The former prosecutor of the Russian occupation administration in Crimea is wanted for treason against our state. It is under the sanctions of Ukraine, the EU, the USA, Canada and Japan. It will not be possible to hide even in Africa,” Nikolenko said.

Natalia Poklonskaya is an ex-State Duma deputy. Prior to that, she was the prosecutor of the Crimea and gained fame due to her active pro-Russian position during the events of 2014, when the peninsula became part of Russia. She did not go to the elections this year. At the end of May, she published an appeal in which she announced that she was withdrawing from the primaries of the United Russia party and moving to a new job, which she would announce later. “I’m not disappearing or disappearing anywhere. I’ll see you soon at my receptions in the Crimea,” she said then and added that she would be able to put on a jacket again at her new job.”

However, Poklonskaya never returned to Crimea. On October 13, Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing her ambassador to the African country of Cape Verde, an island state located 600 km from the coast of the continent in the Atlantic Ocean. The fact that Poklonskaya will become an ambassador to Cape Verde, RBC sources said back in August. Interlocutor,close to the Kremlin, noted that because of extravagant statements and not quite systematic behavior, neither the presidential administration, nor United Russia, nor the leadership of the Crimea wanted to see her in the lower house of parliament. Poklonskaya was the only member of the “United Russia” who voted against the pension reform in 2018.

Poklonskaya refused to consider the new appointment as a “reference”, stating that she had originally planned to work “through the diplomatic line”. She noted that after learning about the future appointment, she began to collect information about the country. “I got acquainted with the country in absentia. I know that this is a wonderful country, that there are kind and hardworking people there, that this is a friendly country and it is necessary to strengthen our good relations, Russian-Cape Verdean,” she concluded.

In Ukraine, Poklonskaya is accused of treason. She has worked in the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office in Crimea since 2002, she received the post of Prosecutor General of Crimea after the peninsula became part of Russia. “During the pre-trial investigation, it was established that officials of the occupation administration of the Russian Federation during February, March 2014, while on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, created a criminal organization with the aim of forcibly overthrowing the constitutional order and changing the borders of the territory of Ukraine contrary to the established order, and also participated in it and contributed to the occupationThis is the plot of the criminal case against former Ukrainian officials, which was investigated by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In this case, in addition to Poklonskaya, the head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov (a former deputy of the legislative assembly of the region during the Ukrainian period), Vladimir Konstantinov (head of the State Council of Crimea, former chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea under Ukraine) and others appear. In addition, Poklonskaya appears in criminal cases initiated by the Ukrainian investigative authorities due to cases of persecution of pro-Ukrainian activists in Crimea after 2014.

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