The US has promised to continue supporting the modernization of the Moldovan army

The sides also discussed issues of regional security and cooperation of the countries in the military segment

The USA promised to continue supporting the modernization of the Moldovan army

The United States will continue to support the modernization of Moldova’s national army, U.S. Senator from the Republican Party of Montana Steve Danes said at a meeting with Moldovan Defense Minister Anatoly Nosaty, the country’s military department reports.

During the meeting, which was also attended by the US Ambassador to Chisinau, Kate Logsdon, the head of the Moldovan Defense Ministry highly appreciated Washington’s support in various projects and programs, including in the field of training, logistics and modernization of the infrastructure of the National Army.

“The Minister of Defense informed Senator Daines about strategic priorities and goals, focusing on the transformation of the defense institution into a modern one in accordance with international standards, including by improving operational capabilities,” the report says.

The Ministry of Defense of Moldova notes that Danes confirmed the openness of his country to continue the initiated projects and to support the reform of the national army.

During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of regional security and cooperation in the military segment. Nosaty told Daines about the assistance of the national army in managing the crisis situation related to refugees in Ukraine, and the participation of the Moldovan military in peacekeeping operations of the UN, the EU and other organizations.

After a series of attacks on government facilities and radio transmission facilities occurred in the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Republic, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin said that the United States considers the expansion of the Ukrainian conflict to Moldova undesirable.

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Later, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkens reported that Washington was providing financial assistance to Moldova in a number of different areas, including security. “And, of course, we are also trying to ensure that our European allies and partners focus on the challenges and threats to Moldova,” the Secretary of State stressed.

Transnistria borders Ukraine, where a special Russian military operation is taking place. Russian peacekeeping forces have been stationed in the unrecognized republic since the end of the active phase of the Transnistrian conflict, which began during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In mid-April, Moscow announced a new phase of the operation, the purpose of which the authorities called the establishment of control over the Donbass and the south of Ukraine to provide a corridor to Transnistria.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Arestovich announced that Ukraine is ready to send troops to Transnistria and take control of the situation, but only if the Moldovan authorities ask for it. Chisinau refused this offer, stating that the conflict would be resolved only through negotiations with the conclusion of a peace agreement.

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