The FSB showed a video with a British destroyer and a warning fire

Na video distributed by the FSB shows that on the bridge of a Russian patrol ship, the crew of a British destroyer is warned that it has invaded the territorial waters of Russia, and they demand to leave them, then the command “Fire!” follows

 The FSB showed a video with a British destroyer and a warning fire


The Russian military recorded the crossing of the border of Russian territorial waters near the Crimea by the British destroyer Defender in the Black Sea and repeatedly called for a change of course, but the ship did not leave the area, follows from the video of the negotiations of the crew of the patrol ship, distributed by the FSB.

The video was shot on the bridge of the vessel. One of the sailors reports that at first the destroyer was clearly on the border. & laquo;41st minute & mdash; crossed the state border of the Russian Federation», & mdash; one of the crew members spoke.

Defender sent a message to the Russian sailors that the destroyer is performing a “peaceful passage” (innocent passage) in accordance with international standards.

In response, there was a demand to throw off the territorial waters of Russia “in order to avoid incidents”. It was repeated several times, in parallel, the officers gave instructions about the preparation of the artillery installation. The Russian military informed the British that they would open fire if the Defender did not leave the territorial waters of Russia. They also said that in this case, Russia will not be responsible for the damage to the ship.

The crew of the patrol also sent a warning to other vessels nearby that they were preparing to open fire and the area would become unsafe for navigation.

Then there was an order to open a warning fire: “Perform a warning shooting. Perform a warning fire. At the Defender course. Exclude a hit. Exclude a hit in Defender. Fire!»

After that, the crew reported that the destroyer had left the territorial waters of Russia.

The Defense Ministry also distributed information that the Defender crossed the border of Russia in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. Onvoshelv territorial waters for 3 km in the area of Cape Fiolent, follows from the message of the department.

“Previously warned about the use of weapons in the event of a border violation, the British ship did not react to this in any way. At 12.06 and 12.08, the Russian border patrol ship performed a warning firing, ” the ministry said. The military also said that the Su-24M plane dropped four bombs forward on the course of the British destroyer.

The incident occurred on June 23. The British Ministry of Defense said that there was no shooting from Russian patrol aircraft and suggested that the Russian military conducted exercises in the Black Sea. However, later the captain of the destroyer Vincent Owen admitted that the shooting was conducted:”I suspect that the shooting was conducted from one of the Coast Guard ships.”

Owen also believes that the ship has used its right to the peaceful passage of ships through international waters along the approved corridor.

Moscow reacted sharply negatively to the incident. The Kremlin called the incident a conscious provocation. “We are sorry, because it was a deliberate and prepared provocation. We are concerned about such actions of the British ship, ” said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The Foreign Ministry said that Russia will defend the inviolability of its borders by both diplomatic and military methods. The deputy head of the department, Sergei Ryabkov, warned British diplomats that if appeals to common sense do not help, we “can bomb not just on the course, but also on the target”.


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