Ukraine will give Lithuania barbed wire for a wall on the border with Belarus

Ukraine will give Lithuania barbed wire for a wall on the border with Belarus

Ukraine will supply barbed wire to Lithuania to strengthen the border with Belarus. This was announced on Twitter by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

“Today we decided to supply Lithuania with barbed wire to strengthen the border. Our friend and ally in the Lublin Triangle can always count on us, ” he wrote.

According to the Foreign Minister, vyhodnykhon held talks with his Lithuanian counterpart Gabrielius Landsbergis, they discussed the migration crisis that has arisen on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

At a meeting of the Ukrainian government on Wednesday, Kuleba summed up the work of the Lublin Triangle, a trilateral format of interaction between Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, created in 2020. The Foreign Minister noted that the platform is a real alternative for Minsk in the future.

“We will help the Belarusian people to build a fair state, with a European future, in which human rights are protected. When Belarus takes the democratic, European path of development, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will be ready to consider its accession to our format, ” Kuleba said.

Last week, Vilnius said that the country does not have enough barbed wire to strengthen the border and deter illegal migrants from Belarus. In this regard, the construction of the barriers was suspended.

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Bloomberg learned about the Kremlin’s campaign against the candidate for the post of Chancellor of the FR

ToAnnalena Berbok, an opponent of establishing relations with Russia, was allegedly subjected to a disinformation campaign. The Kremlin is ready to do anything to block her path to power, Bloomberg claims

 Bloomberg learned about the Kremlin's campaign against the candidate for the post of Chancellor of the FR

Annalena Berbock

The Kremlin has launched a campaign against the candidate for the post of German Chancellor, Annalena Berbock, the co-chairman of the Union 90/Greens party, Bloomberg writes, citing sources.

& laquo;Burbok & lt;…& gt; attracts the attention of the Kremlin with its belligerent attitude towards Russia, and its blunders during the election campaign made it vulnerable, & mdash; the publication says.

According to the agency, Russia considered the 40-year-old Berbok a threat to its interests after she briefly became a leader in the struggle for the post of chancellor, according to exit polls conducted on the eve of the September elections.

The candidate from the Greens, as Bloomberg notes, opposes the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which is of particular concern to Moscow. A source close to the Russian government told the agency that the Kremlin is ready to do anything to block her path to power.

The Kremlin fears that Berbok’s victory in the elections will deal a serious blow to Russia’s global interests, destroy its ties with Germany and benefit the United States, two people familiar with the position of the Russian leadership told the agency.

According to Bloomberg sources, the Kremlin’s set of tools, which was used to support the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election in 2016, includes disinformation campaigns on social networks and also hacking operations to capture confidential information that can be distributed at the right time. An agency source close to the Kremlin said that Moscow already has enough information that can harm Berbok, who is “politically naive and too sympathetic to the United States”.

The official representative of the Green Party, Jan Helting, said that there are alarming signs of cyber attacks on the computer network of party officials, as well as an increase in the activity of Kremlin-linked websites aimed at discrediting individual green politicians.

According to a source close to the party, lawmakers and employees of the Bundestag observed a wave of phishing attacks on the mail of party members. “Such messages often contain malware or software that can spy on party systems,” the publication says.

German counterintelligence, as reported by Bloomberg, believes that it is Russia that uses such a scheme. First, hackers attack lower-level party members who are the most vulnerable, and only then get access to high-ranking ones.

The agency notes that the German counterintelligence service directly warned about the threat of cyberactivity coming from Russia on the eve of the September 26 elections, including from the hacker group APT 28, also known as Fancy Bear, allegedly associated with Russian special services.

According to Bloomberg, a disinformation campaign has also unfolded directly against Berbok. In one of the articles that appeared on Facebook, her statement was published about the need to cancel widows ‘ pensions in order to finance a program to support refugees. The German edition of Correctiv in May claimed that this message was distributed 2,800 times during the day, although at that time no one publicly stated that Russia was involved in the fake publication.

According to Helting, the number of such messages with falsified quotes and images of Berbok has steadily increased since her candidacy for the post of Chancellor, including on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram.

According to a study published by Der Spiegel, Berbok and the “Greens” are subjected to a much greater number of attacks on social networks than the party members of the current Chancellor Angela Merkel. From a sample of posts on social networks, Spiegel counted more than 63 thousand messages directed against Berbok, which is three times more than the candidate from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its leader Armin Lachet. The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Olaf Scholz, had only 4 thousand such messages.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not respond to a request from Bloomberg. RBC has contacted Annalena Berbock for comment.

Peskov has previously stated that Russia has never interfered in the electoral processes of other countries. “The results of repeated investigations conducted in America confirm that Russia has never interfered,” the presidential press secretary said.

Moscow has repeatedly denied involvement in such actions. The United States is regularly accused of interfering in the elections of Russia: it was about the 2016 elections, in which Donald Trump won, and the 2020 elections, when Joe Biden became president. The day before, he again accused Russia, this time of interfering in the congressional elections to be held next year.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was devoted to Trump’s ties with Moscow and interference in the 2016 election. As a result, it was not possible to find concrete evidence of Moscow’s involvement, but both Mueller himself and other high-ranking US officials subsequently stated that they did not doubt the interference.

The State Duma stated that the accusations against Moscow are attempts by Western countries to disguise their own interference in Russian electoral processes. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also did not rule out provocations from abroad and attempts to destabilize the situation before the September elections to the State Duma.

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Putin proposed to make “school” payments two weeks earlier

Initially, 10 thousand rubles were planned to start transferring for the preparation of children for the school year from August 16. Putin proposed to postpone the date to August 2. The Ministry of Labor said that everything is technically ready for this

 Putin offered to make school payments two weeks earlier

During the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the government, the president raised the question of the possibility of transferring to an earlier date the initial one-time payments for schoolchildren of 10 thousand rubles. The meeting is broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin recalled that on July 2, a decision was made on a one-time payment to families in which there are schoolchildren from six to 18 years old.


“My question is as follows: is it possible to make this payment earlier than the scheduled date?”The president asked the Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov.

Initially, it was planned that the payment would be made on August 16. The President proposed to postpone it to August 2, so that schoolchildren and their parents could prepare for the beginning of the school year without haste.

The head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov, in turn, reported that it is technically possible to charge money for 17 million schoolchildren two weeks earlier. “Let’s do this then and start these payments from August 2 of this year, that is, from next Monday,” Putin stressed.

Putin announced a new payment of 10 thousand rubles to families with schoolchildren during his address to the Federal Assembly on April 21. On July 2, he signed a decree on this measure of state support.

Since July 15, the Pension Fund has started accepting applications from parents of schoolchildren. The payment by September 1 is a one-time payment, so it is not necessary for her to get a card of the payment system “Mir”, the money will be transferred to any account, the Ministry of Labor emphasized.

The payment can be received by parents of children from six to 18 years old inclusive until September 1. The government will spend 204 billion rubles on this. The President reminded that the parents of children aged six who will go to school next year can also receive funds.Instagram Live broadcasts and instant news on our Instagram


Zyuganov described to Putin the choice between “socialization” and “fascization”

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation addressed Putin, describing to him two ways that the Russian authorities can go. Zyuganov made such a statement after the Central Election Commission removed the candidate from the Grudinin party from the State Duma elections

 Zyuganov described to Putin the choice between

Gennady Zyuganov

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov addressed President Vladimir Putin, saying that Russia has only two ways of further development, the correspondent of RBC reports.

“The question is tougher, it’s about the choice. I am now officially addressing President Putin. You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, have only two choices in this situation: either the socialization of life, or the fascization of it. History knows of no other examples, ” Zyuganov said at a press conference.

According to him, fascization is “forceful methods of reprisals against the opposition, raider seizures of people’s enterprises, pension false cannibalistic reforms, wild extortion and countless taxes” when the authorities are “unable to regulate prices even for the simplest products” , and also when “the country is burning from Voronezh to the Far East, and no measures are taken”. In this situation, “the discontent of citizens is inevitably growing, and it is only getting stronger,” the leader of the Communist Party continued.

Zyuganov made such a statement to Putin after the Central Election Commission excluded former Russian presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin from the federal list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma elections. According to Zyuganov, the party “categorically disagree” with such a decision and will “defend the right to elections”.

In particular, Zyuganov recalled that Putin instructed to hold fair and open elections. “But what the Central Election Commission is doing, those who were appointed through the presidential administration, does not fit into any rights and norms,” the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation believes.


The CEC announced the decision to exclude Grudinin from the federal list of the Communist Party for the State Duma elections on July 24. The commission explained that the Prosecutor General’s Office found foreign assets in the politician. Before that, Grudinin’s ex-wife Irina appealed to the CEC. She said that the politician hides information that he owns shares of the Belizean offshore Bontro LTD.

Grudinin called the incident a “pre-prepared”, “clumsily made” action. Zyuganov announced plans to challenge the decision of the CEC in the Supreme Court.

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Roskomnadzor demanded that Twitter block the Sobol account

Roskomnadzor demanded to block the Sobol page in connection with the placement of illegal information related to the FBK in the account (it was included in the list of foreign agents, recognized as an extremist organization and banned)

 Roskomnadzor demanded that Twitter block the Sobol account

Lyubov Sable

Lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK, recognized as a foreign agent and an extremist organization, the court decided to ban it) Lyubov Sobol said that Roskomnadzor demanded that Twitter block her account.

“Roskomnadzor demands to block my Twitter. Not any single tweet, but the entire account as a whole. The notification came late last night, ” Sable wrote.

The lawyer also provided screenshots of the notification from the social network. According to them, Roskomnadzor reported that information distributed in violation of the law was posted on Sobol’s Twitter page, namely: information resources related to the activities of the FBK organizations, the Foundation for the Protection of Citizens ‘ Rights(both organizations are included in the list of foreign agents) and the public movement Navalny’s headquarters were all recognized by the court as extremist and banned.

RBC sent a request to Roskomnadzor and Twitter.

Earlier this week, Roskomnadzor, at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, blocked the website of Alexey Navalny, the websites of Sobol and fellow oppositionist Leonid Volkov, the websites of the FBK created by Navalny, the headquarters of Navalny in the regions of Russia and other related resources.

In addition, the Roskomnadzor demanded that YouTube restrict access to the channels of Volkov and Navalny’s associate Vladimir Milov. Volkov told RBC that he was not going to delete his channel, and called the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office “the night of long knives”.

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Turkey and Azerbaijan decided to create a joint Turkic army

Paccording to the head of the Turkish parliament, the shelling of the Azerbaijani border areas by Armenia can lead to a regional war, in connection with which Baku and Ankara decided to create a joint army

 Turkey and Azerbaijan decided to create a joint Turkic army

Mustafa Shentop

Turkey and Azerbaijan are negotiating the creation of a joint Turkic army. This was announced by the speaker of the Turkish parliament Mustafa Shentop during a press conference in Ganja.

“Our idea is one nation, two states. And it will always be so. In this regard, many negotiations and agreements have taken place, ” he said (quoted by Sputnik Azerbaijan).

According to him, within the framework of the agreements, in particular, military exercises of the two countries are also held. He noted that Baku and Ankara are also taking steps to strengthen economic cooperation. “It is known that in March of this year, an agreement on preferential trade was approved between Turkey and Azerbaijan. And at the moment, work is underway on a free trade agreement. After signing, this document will further strengthen our economic ties, ” the politician said.

Speaking about the situation on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Shentop said that the shelling of the border areas of Azerbaijan by the Armenian military is a threat to the security of the region, and can also lead to a regional war.

“If these provocations do not stop, even more bitter consequences are inevitable. The international community should also call on Armenia to stop provocations that pose a threat to peace in the region, ” he added.

The Speaker of the parliament also noted the importance of opening the Zangezur corridor for both Azerbaijan and Turkey. According to him, this will contribute to the creation of a land route between the main part of Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as between Turkey and Asian countries. “A corresponding agreement has been reached, and each party must keep its word. The corridor should be open, ” Shentop concluded.

The dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh has been going on for almost 30 years. At the end of September last year, the fighting between them resumed: the sides accused each other of provocations and offensive and imposed martial law. The capture of the strategically important city of Shushi by Azerbaijan played a key role in the conflict. On the same day,When Karabakh recognized the loss of control over it, the leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia signed a cease-fire agreement. According to one of the points of the agreement, Russian peacekeepers entered Karabakh. It also stated that Yerevan should transfer several districts and settlements in Karabakh to Baku’s control.


In mid-July, Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan accused Baku of intending to provoke new military clashes in Karabakh and on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced the end of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and called on Yerevan to “think about peace”. Instagram Live broadcasts and instant news on our Instagram


The ex-mayor of Yakutsk called Russia’s dependence on the oil industry a delusion

The New People party, which is going to the State Duma elections, stands for supporting small and medium-sized businesses, Avksentieva said. According to her, the contribution of SMEs to the Russian economy is greater than that of the oil and gas industry

 The ex-mayor of Yakutsk called Russia's dependence on the oil industry a delusion

Sardana Avksentieva

The dependence of the Russian economy on oil is a delusion, former mayor of Yakutsk Sardana Avksentieva said in an interview with RBC TV channel.


“We have a popular opinion that we are all sitting on an oil needle. At the same time, this is, in my opinion, a misconception, because if we look at the shares in GDP, then 20% of us comes from trade and retail, and only about 15% with a little from the oil and gas industry, ” the ex-mayor noted.

President Vladimir Putin also said during a large press conference in December that Russia can no longer be considered a gas station. According to him, 70% of the country’s budget is already formed not at the expense of oil and gas revenues. “This means that we are not fully, but we are still starting to get off the so-called oil and gas needle,” Putin summed up. At the same time, he noted that the economy’s dependence on oil is still very large.

Avksentieva is a member of the party “New People”.Alexander Davankov, one of the founders and former co-owner of the Faberlic cosmetics company, announced the creation of this association in January 2020. The chairman of the new party was his former partner,Faberlic owner Alexey Nechaev. The party, in particular, stands for the turnover and regular renewal of personnel in the government, a large-scale reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies, as well as for greater economic independence of the regions.

Avksentieva Inechaev headed the federal list of the party for the State Duma elections, which will be held in September.

Prior to that, Avksentieva was the mayor of Yakutsk, in 2018 she beat Alexander Savvinov, who was supported by the team of the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, at the election of the candidate from “United Russia”. In January, she announced her early retirement due to health problems, and later announced that she was struggling with cancer.

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Biden called Putin’s “real problem”

According to the American president, it lies in the fact that the Russian economy is limited by nuclear weapons and oil and Putin is “in a really difficult position” because of this

 Biden called

The Russian economy relies only on oil and nuclear weapons, this creates certain difficulties for the country’s leadership, US President Joe Biden said.

“I met with Putin, who has a real problem-he has an economy with nuclear weapons and oil wells and nothing else, nothing. She is the eighth largest in the world & mdash; he knows that he is in a really difficult situation, and this, in my opinion, makes him even more dangerous,— Biden explained. An excerpt from his speech was published by CBS News.

The president’s comments were made during his address to the US intelligence community. Biden also stressed that American intelligence is better than Russian. “He [Putin] knows that you are better than his team, and this worries him very much,” the head of state added.

The first meeting between Putin and Biden as US president was held in Geneva on July 16, it lasted about four hours. After the talks, the presidents made statements. Putin announced an agreement to return the ambassadors of Russia and the United States to Washington and Moscow. He also stressed that there are a lot of “blockages” in the relations between the two countries, but the parties are determined to find solutions.


Commenting on Biden’s positive answer to the question of an American journalist about whether he considers his Russian colleague a murderer, which he gave in March, Putin said that he and Biden “explained”.

“We all know these statements, after that President Biden called me, we explained ourselves, these explanations satisfied me. He offered to meet me. I was once again convinced that President Biden is a very experienced person. We talked face-to-face for almost two hours. His predecessor evaded such a question, the current president decided to answer in this way, ” the Russian president explained.

Biden, in turn, noted the “good and positive” atmosphere of the meeting with Putin and said that, in his opinion, he “least wants a cold war”. The presidents also decided to work out the question of which targets should not be subjected to cyber attacks.

After the summit of the presidents, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that American officials had taken up the previous “notations” with a vengeance. According to him, they were accompanied by threats to exert new pressure on the country if it does not accept the rules of the game set out in Geneva.

According to Lavrov, it was clearly indicated at the summit that a positive result in relations between Russia and the United States is possible with a balance of interests on a parity basis.

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Biden accused Russia of interfering in the 2022 elections

Pthe resident referred to intelligence data, from which, as he said, it is clear that Russia is already spreading disinformation in an attempt to influence the congressional elections to be held in 2022 Biden accused Russia of interfering in the 2022 elections

Russia is already trying to interfere in the congressional elections to be held in the United States in 2022 by spreading disinformation, President Joe Biden said after visiting the office of the head of national intelligence, writes The Hill.

He explained that American intelligence has data that suggests that Russia is spreading false information in an attempt to influence the upcoming elections.


The President also warned about the threat of a “real military conflict”, which could lead to cyber attacks, which Washington accuses Russia of.

The conflict over the accusations of Russia’s interference in the US elections by Washington has been dragging on for several years. The United States is confident that Moscow has taken certain actions in order for the Republican candidate Donald Trump to win over the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In the United States, an investigation was underway on this issue for two years: the authorities were trying to determine whether Russia interfered in the process of expressing its will and whether Trump was in collusion with Moscow. As a result, in the spring of 2019, the final report was released, which stated that Russia tried to interfere in the elections, including through social networks and with the help of hacker attacks, but the Trump headquarters did not conspire with the Kremlin.

Reports that Russia had an influence on the course of the elections still appear. So, two weeks ago, The Guardian newspaper published, as it reported, “leaked Kremlin documents”, which stated that President Vladimir Putin personally gave permission for a secret operation to support Trump.

Moscow, in response to each such message, stated that it was not involved in interference in the American elections. The official representative of the president Dmitry Peskov called such accusations paranoid and claimed that they have nothing to do with reality.

“We insist that there was no interference, there is no interference,” he also claimed.

The midterm elections in the United States will be held on November 8. 34 out of 100 senators and all members of the House of Representatives will be elected.

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Krasovsky won the court on the article about wiretapping of Gozman’s phone

The court recognized the phrases from Gozman’s article in Novaya Gazeta as discrediting the RT TV channel and Krasovsky. Gozman promised to reach the ECHR

 Krasovsky won the court on the article about wiretapping Gozman's phone

Anton Krasovsky

The Moscow Arbitration Court has satisfied the claim of journalist Anton Krasovsky and RT TV channel against politician and human rights activist Leonid Gozman and Novaya Gazeta. Krasovsky announced this in his Telegram channel. Gozman confirmed this information to RBC and said that he would appeal the decision.

“The newspaper was ordered to delete Gozman’s letter, publish the court decision as a refutation. And Gozman himself has to pay me 300 thousand rubles of compensation, ” Krasovsky wrote. He added that he does not expect any compensation from Gozman, as well as an apology.

“We will appeal, we will file in Strasbourg, of course, we will not leave the case like this,” Gozman told RBC, noting that the decision did not surprise him, and the court ” absolutely ignored common sense.”

According to him, in response to a request to explain what caused the amount of 300 thousand rubles, the representative of the plaintiff said that this is so that Gozman “no longer spoke in this way about RT”. “In this regard, I must say that there were people in our country who, in order to tell the truth, went not only to material losses, but also to the loss of life and freedom. I wanted to at least to some extent correspond to their memory and their greatness. My honor is worth much more than 300 thousand rubles. and I, of course,will continue to do and speak freely, ” he added.

The claim was filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court in April 2021. It was submitted on behalf of the ANO “TV-News”, the founder of the RT TV channel, and the journalist of this channel Anton Krasovsky to the politician and human rights activist Leonid Gozman and “Novaya Gazeta”. The reason for the lawsuit was an article by Gozman ” Love is a threesome: we are with a comrade major and Anton Krasovsky. A statement to the Investigative Committee, published on the website of the Novaya Gazeta on March 9.

In it, Gozman claimed that his conversation with former State Duma deputy Igor Yakovenko after being invited to Krasovsky’s program “Antonyms” was listened to by the special services, and its contents were transmitted to RT and became known to Krasovsky. “So, we were tapped and the results of the wiretapping were instantly transmitted to Russia Today. Actually, we have an inactive one,of course, but also the law on the secrecy of telephone conversations, which has not been repealed by anyone, ” Gozman wrote.

Later, he said that together with Yakovenko, he appealed to the Investigative Committee with a demand to initiate a criminal case on this fact and consider Krasovsky a suspect of complicity in a crime.

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