Biden said that the United States is “in the best shape” to win the competition with

DJoe Biden: The United States is “in the best shape” to win the competition with China, the US President believes that victory over China will help rally Americans. Washington and Beijing will cooperate, but at the same time the US will not tolerate threats and intend to defend itself, as in the case of the Chinese balloon, he stressed

Biden stated that the USA is

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden delivered his second message to the US Congress, in which he stated that the country is in the “best shape” to compete with anyone in the world, including China. The speech was broadcast on the White House website.

“Today we are in the best shape in recent decades to compete with China or anyone else in the world. <..."Let's be clear: winning the competition with China should unite us all," Biden said.

The President added that Washington will work with Beijing in terms of promoting “American interests” and benefits for the whole world. However, if China threatens the sovereignty of the United States, they will defend themselves, Biden stressed. He recalled that this is exactly what Washington did last week when a Chinese balloon was shot down in the sky over the United States.

The Pentagon announced on February 2 that it was tracking a Chinese surveillance balloon. At first, the agency stated that they would not shoot down the object, since its debris could cause damage on the ground.

Kkitai stated that the balloon is a civilian object used for meteorological purposes. The balloon deviated from the course and therefore ended up in the sky over the United States, the Chinese Foreign Ministry explained.

First, the balloon was observed over Montana, then over North and South Carolina. On February 4, the airspace over both was partially closed, and then the balloon was shot down off the coast of North Carolina.

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Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng said afterwards that Washington “abused military force” and shot down a civilian balloon. He called it an overreaction and a violation of international law.

On February 5–6, American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was scheduled to visit China. However, due to the situation with the balloon, he decided to cancel the trip, since the appearance of such an object in the sky over the United States was a violation of sovereignty and international law.

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