Armenian President says border demarcation is impossible without Russia

WithArkisyan believes that it is necessary to establish borders between his country and Azerbaijan according to old Soviet maps, but Baku uses virtual maps on which, according to him, it is possible to “draw” the border

The President of Armenia declared the impossibility of demarcation of the border without Russia

Armen Sargsyan

The issue of defining the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be resolved without Russia’s participation, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian said in an interview with RBC TV channel.

He explained that “from the first day” after the war in Nagorno-Karabakh stopped, there were problems with establishing the border between the two countries and with determining exactly where it passes. Sargsyan stressed that the Azerbaijani side uses virtual maps, whereas, in his opinion, the true border should be set according to Soviet maps.


“Then [after the cessation of hostilities], I also wrote a letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], in this letter I expressed the idea that it was [Soviet] maps that store [a possible solution to the problem]. Otherwise, in different places, the parties, primarily the Azerbaijani side, use some maps from Google, from something else,” Sargsyan said.

The President noted that in this case, anyone with programming skills can “draw” a border anywhere. “In general, these are virtual cards. And real maps, “after all, we also have a history, after all, a common history in the Russian Empire, in the Soviet Union,” he stressed.

According to Sargsyan, difficulties in determining the border arose, in particular, with villages that were on the border, as well as with territories owned by companies. For example, in relation to one of the mining enterprises, it is unclear where the mine part is now, on the left or on the right.

Last week, President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Valdai discussion club, also said that Russia could play a key role in determining the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. “We probably don’t need anyone here, except for the two sides and Russia. There are very simple and pragmatic things: yes, maps because there are maps in the General Staff of the Russian army that show how the borders of the Union republics passed during the Soviet period,” he noted.

According to the Russian president, it is necessary to “calmly sit down on both sides” and, using the data of Soviet maps, “align something somewhere, exchange something somewhere”.

The parties concluded a trilateral agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh with the mediation of Russia in November 2020. As a result, the Kelbajar, Aghdam and Lachin districts were transferred to Azerbaijan, Armenia retained the Lachin corridor, which provides communication with Nagorno-Karabakh. It was also decidedto introduce almost 2 thousand Russian peacekeepers along the line of contact of the parties.

A year later, the delimitation of territories and the demarcation of borders are still not completed. On October 2, Yerevan announced that they were ready to delimit the borders with Azerbaijan with the mediation of Russia.

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