A super-application will be created for officials because of the risk of sanctions

Mincifra announced a tender for a super-application for officials for almost 500 million rubles. It will be created to “increase information security and independence from sanctions risks.” Superapplication will combine a number of services

A super-application will be created for officials due to the risk of sanctions

The Ministry of Finance has placed an auction on the public procurement portal to create a super-application for officials. The first to pay attention to the tender was “Kommersant”. The application was published on October 22, the results of the tender will be announced in November. The price of the lot is 487.7 million rubles.

The superapplication will combine a messenger, audio and video conferencing tools, a service for working with tasks and assignments, cloud storage, an internal portal, work with office documents and antivirus software, Konstantin Gurzov, director of the Department of Cloud Services Development and Data Management of the Ministry of Finance, told the publication. According to him, officials will be able to install superapplications on personal devices, taking into account information security requirements, as well as use it through a browser.

So far, the declared system is designed for 100 thousand users. It is being developed to “increase information security and independence from sanctions risks,” the terms of reference say.

The first working prototype of the superapplication is planned to be launched by the end of 2022, the Ministry of Finance told the publication. It will work at the department itself, at Rosstat, the Pension Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and the courier service.

However, the application will work basically on old hardware: the hardware part of the system will be finalized later to avoid unnecessary costs, Gurzov said. According to the source of the publication, more than half of the departments (54%) are still using Microsoft Exchange Server software, but “due to sanctions, the state is moving away from foreign solutions towards open source solutions or domestic technologies.”

In August, Kommersant reported that the Russian authorities plan to transfer all civil servants and employees of budget organizations to Russian messengers and other IT services by 2022. As explained in the Ministry of Finance, the new measure will be needed to protect the data and ensure that there will be no unauthorized access to them.

So far, communication is mainly in free cloud services, including foreign ones, which are not able to properly protect the transmitted data, the department noted. In addition, there is a risk that due to sanctions, state organizations will not be able to use foreign services, the Ministry of Finance added. In particular, the ministry recalled the case of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, when Microsoft refused to sell software to the university. The company was afraid of restrictions from the United States, as the university trains specialists for the defense industry.

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